Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and everything in between

I went up to Maine this past weekend. Apparently nobody knew I was going since they were all surprised to see me. I guess nobody listened when I said I was going to go back on Friday or Saturday.

I had a phone interview with yesterday. It wasn’t really an “interview” though since I’ve known Christine for years. Just some questions about how much I’ve experience I have with this and that. I’m going out there for an interview tomorrow morning at 11am.

The phone interview was delayed so I didn’t get up to Nashua until about 5:40. By the time I got there, Jody had gone out to dinner already. I went to BK and had dinner and poked around for about an hour. Everyone was back when I went back to their place. I watched the end of Clerks and some bad horror film. Then I put a 75 lb paper folding machine in my car and headed home. (The machine is for Anime Boston.)

Just before getting to the state line, I was pulled over by a New Hampshire state trooper for doing 74 in a 55. Oops! Luckily, he let me off with a verbal warning.

Nothing happening here today. I’m going to get some web site stuff done…and I’m going to find that damn beeping smoke alarm in the basement and beat the dead battery out of it.

March 12, 2002

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