Livin’ in the fridge

Every Friday at 10am we get this e-mail:

We will be cleaning all the refrigerators today at 2:00. Please label or remove any items you do not want thrown away. We will check dates on things like yogurt and salad dressing and will keep if the dates are good. It is always safest for you to label your bag or container as a “keeper” – your name doesn’t have to be on it – just somehow indicate it should be kept.

It was amusing to see it still arrive a couple weeks ago when the office was closed for July 4th/5th.

In other news, Matt has a blog now. Let’s see if he’s any better at updating it than I am.

Been busy with Otakon stuff, but I finally burned off the last of the Anime North 2002 DVDs I’ll be burning. I’m going to (finally) send Pan-Chan hers today.
…and at $5 a pop, I won’t be providing free DVDs anymore. I’ll be more than happy to provide copies, but if people want them I’m gonna have to ask that they provide an Apple or Imation brand DVD-Rs (or $4.99 + tax for me to buy one.) I’ve tried some other DVD-R brands, but they’ve had problems with skipping and stuff. I’m going to stick to the ones that I know work. (I tend to prefer the Apple ones since they look nicer, but they’re only sold in 5 packs. The Imation ones are sold individually.)

Otakon’s next week. Gotta finish that promo video for Anime Boston’s booth.

July 19, 2002

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