I’ve been busy since the last update…

A lot has happened since the last update, so lemme give you a run down of events…

On Thursday, I pretty much took it easy and caught up on some stuff I had to do. I also picked up the apartment a bit. Nothing notable really happened. One of our old Digital UI clients called and wanted to set up a meeting, so I scheduled it for “Friday afternoon”.

Before heading down to Scituate to meet with the client, I checked out his web site to make sure everything was okay. Then I headed to the post office to mail stuff to sage-chan and Mill-Chan. Tired of driving down Route 128 on the way to Painville, I opted to drive through the city to get to Scituate. (They’re both south of Boston.) I got caught in some traffic. Not really any back-ups, but just stupid drivers going slower than they should and holding up people who want to pass.

Scituate is about an hour away and it takes longer to get there than to Painville (down near Rhode Island), but I’d much rather drive to Scituate. Even with more traffic, the ride is much more enjoyable…and it’s a good change of pace.

So I met with the client, he still loves us, he signed the new contract (the original one was to just build his site and this is for ongoing maintenance), and I left with some new material he wants us to add. …so there’s some tech stuff for me (mostly data entry…but at the regular tech rate) and some graphic work for Kathy and Joe.

I swung by Ames on the way home (waiting for rush-hour traffic to die down) and picked up a couple strings of Christmas lights at 40% off. I put one in the kitchen around the windows and will put the second string in the living room. (I’ve already got some lights around the front windows, but needed more for the remaining windows.) It’s kinda cheesy, but it’s festive.

I spent the rest of Friday straightening up my place and getting things ready for guests on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I got up bright and early…VERY early for me…and headed in-town to meet up with Elana at her place. We went out to the Longfellow Bridge and she took some pictures of me with Boston in the background. I’ll be picking a good one, enlarging it, and giving it to my parents for Christmas. One for home and one for my father’s office…to replace the 6+ year-old photos they have now. I’ll probably give copies to my grandmothers too. (Perfect gifts for them since they rarely get to see me and love to display family photos.)

Elana and I went to drop the photos off at Ritz Camera on Beacon Hill, but they didn’t feel like doing them in an hour so we decided to take them elsewhere. We went back to her apartment, grabbed the chili she made, and drove back to my place to plug in the chili crockpot. Then we went to another Ritz Camera to drop off the photos and swung by the grocery store and liquor store for some supplies before heading back to my place.

Just before 2:00, I headed back out to pick up the photos. Elana stayed behind to greet people who were due to arrive at 2pm. When I got to the photo shop, they hadn’t touched the photos. They said they needed to be sent out because they’re black and white photos. …but because the film is B&W, color processing would work and still give us B&W photos. I had them do that and went back home.

By the time I got back, Greg, Tiffani, and Adam were there and we started our meeting for Anime Boston. (Fae didn’t have directions, so I sent them along and she was on her way.)

At 3:30, I went to pick up the photos and hoped they didn’t screw them up. Fortunately, they didn’t and they came out okay. Returning home, we finished the meeting and dug into the food. I had made spaghetti and meatballs, Elana made chili, and Fae made spinach croissants. It was all yummy but there was a lot leftover. (I finished off the meatballs tonight, but still have lots of homemade sauce left.)

Everyone hung out and talked for a while. I subjected Greg and Elana to my 1996 film, “Bridge to the Future” and Greg was laughing uncontrollably. 🙂 “…and who wouldn’t, with a gal like Betty?”

When it ended, we watched a few more short films before Greg left and I drove Elana home. …and then I stayed up chatting on IRC later than I probably should have.

I crawled out of bed at 11:30 and took a shower, got dressed, and headed out to the Anime on DVD gathering. Everyone was already seated by the time I got there, but I wasn’t the last to arrive. Fun was had by all…and pictures are available.

After lunch, we went to J.P. Licks and laughed at Derek’s antics on the bench. (This is all documented on that photo page.) With more time to kill, we went to Barnes & Noble to poke around. I caved in to supreme cheesyness and bought the Halo book. Yes, a book based on a shoot-em-up video game. I was a big fan of the “Marathon” series of games and since “Halo” was also made by Bungie (and the “Halo” logo includes the “Marathon” logo in the center), I’m hoping there’s some relation to the “Marathon” universe. I guess I’ll find out.

…and then we went to the Coolidge Corner Theater for the Anime on DVD Love Hina screening. It was great! I hadn’t seen the series before, but I really enjoyed it. The 4 episode DVD looked nice…except for those OLD Bandai trailers they stuck on. I suppose the subtitle font could have been better too.

When it finished, the party quickly broke up and went their separate ways. I headed home, warmed up the meatballs, put the photos online, grabbed dinner, read a couple chapters, and now I’m updating my blog.

…so I guess that finally brings me up to date. Like you care. If you’ve actually read this far, you have my pity. You must have a truly boring life if my boring life is really that interesting to you. Either that or you’re stalking me…and that’s just creepy.

December 2, 2001

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