It’s March already?!

Dammit, it’s “September 11th”! Stop calling it “Nine-Eleven”! That sounds too much like “7-Eleven”. That bugs the hell out of me. I dunno why.

Maybe it’s like I can’t stand it when people use “email” instead of “e-mail”. Countless exceptions aside, word “email” should be pronounced similar to “emissary”, “emory”, and “empty”…”em-ale”. Hyphenate it in “e-mail” and the long e is pronounced how it should be.

Sometimes it’s little things like that which bug the hell out of me. I can stand fingers on a chalkboard, but I can’t stand “9-Eleven” and “email”. I’m weird.

Oh, and I can’t stand the prefix “uber” either. Aaarrgh!

Anyway, I wonder how people will refer to September 11th in a few years…after some other September 11ths have passed (and hopefully not as memorable.)

Why do my parents always try to call 5 minutes after I walk out the door? It never fails. Whenever I leave the house after 9pm, they call and leave a message 5 minutes after I’ve left. Sometimes they’ll try calling back, but they’ll stop before I get home and then not try again until the next day. (I can’t call them at the moment since they’re currently on vacation somewhere in Florida.)

So, I had that interview yesterday. It went really well. I seemed to really hit it off with the guy. He said that they’d get in touch with me next week. I just hope I’m not getting my hopes up. *sigh* I need the money. …but as soon as I sign on, I’m going to Apple’s web site and ordering myself a spiffy new Mac.

March 1, 2002

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