It’s afternoon already?

I did three different versions of the stupid web site for FreakBoss and sent them off. One has a black background like the site he mentioned as his “competition”…even though they’re not even within driving distance. I fear he’ll end up liking that one best.

RenamonAnyway, I just wanted to share a picture of Renamon for those of you who may not know which character I was talking about when I mentioned it would be my next costume. Jody said she’d come down and visit sometime and bring her sewing machine so we could work on it. Sounds like fun! I might even be able to have it done in time for Arisia! That would be great!

I’ve got two D-size model rocket engines sitting in my living room just waiting to be used onĀ Chibi Moon. The only problem is that I’m not sure where to do it. Obviously, someplace without many people…but also a wide-open area. Hmmm… I’m pretty anxious to open fire on Chibi Moon one last time.

November 27, 2001

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