Imagine Whirled Peas

I went to another cousins’ dinner tonight at Elly’s. Tonight’s adventure was split pea soup. Ugh. I hate peas. Oh well, it actually wasn’t too bad. Better than fish.

Pretty busy at work this week with the new version of the site in progress. I’m being quite productive. Wheee!
Of course, the more I look at the new site, the more I hate it. It’s ripe for parody though…just like Apple’s “switch” ads. I don’t know if Monster’s Super Bowl commercial has anything to do with the site design. The site focuses around “success stories” of about ten people. That will be the main focus of the home page (with a different person being displayed each time). So…in 2003 is there really any doubt that Monster helps people find jobs? Is there any doubt that we could find ten people willing to say so on our home page? People still sign up for Monster and search for jobs. It’s not like that’s been a problem or anything. Oh well, whatever. I’m a small fish in a big pond. They don’t hear my opinions.
I miss RivalWorks.

So I made my room reservation for Katsucon today. I still have to book a flight. I’m going to enter the masquerade with some Digimon cosplayers from Neko Con. I’ll be dressed as Renamon, of course. I’m still in disbelief that Sapphire has agreed to dress as Rika and enter with me. …but who can stand in the way of Digimon wuv? Of course, it probably helps that I offered to give her a Rika shirt and digivice. Right, Sapphy? 😉

Speaking of Renamon, I’m going to try putting the costume in the washing machine. I hope it doesn’t shrink too much. I tested it by washing a pillow (which is the same material the shoulder poof things are stuffed with) and a piece of the yellow flannel fabric. It should work okay…which will be good since I’ve worn that costume a lot and it really needs a good washing…not just rinsing part in the tub like before.

By the way, corporate franchise taxes are stupid. I got a bill for Digital UI, Inc’s tax the other day. (I should really officially shut down that incorporation, but anyway…) The bill said $ 2,560! Um…WOAH! I don’t have that kind of money and neither does what’s left of the company.
I did a little research tonight and discovered that the value is based on the number of shares of stock. (It’s a private corporation…not publicly traded.) I also found out that we can also pay tax based on the value of the company. I plugged in a rather generous value of $ 10,000 for the company’s assets…and came up with the minimum payment of $ 30. (A value of $ 0 returns the same thing.) Okay, $ 30 I can handle.
(Sorry for the spaces after the $ signs, but Pitas seems to get funky if I don’t do that.)

January 13, 2003

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