I’m dreading tomorrow

I’ve got to call Greg’s boss tomorrow morning and drive to Plainville. …assuming he doesn’t call me first and wake me up. Why do I have to drive to Painville? Beats the hell outta me. You’d think it could be handled over the phone instead of making me drive an hour each way just to sit around while he chats on his cell phone and tries to act like my buddy. “Excuse me, pal. I’ve got better things to be doing than sit around your dirty warehouse if I’m not getting paid for it.”
Well, hopefully I can get out of there fast and I don’t get dragged along to lunch again. (Even if he’s buying, I’d rather not.) We’ll see what happens…

I promised Elana I’d take her to dinner on Tuesday night to make up for not finding her on Halloween and bringing her along to Salem. I still feel terrible about it and hope taking her out for a night makes me feel better. (At least I have her correct phone number this time so it should be impossible for us not to find each other again.)
I’m not sure where we’ll go to eat. Maybe I’ll figure that out on the long drives to and from Painville tomorrow.

The New York Yankees lost. Good. I hate them. I mean, I know people kind of wanted them to win to cheer up New Yorkers or something, but please…it’s still the damn New York Yankees. It’s not like another World Series under their belt would have made much of a difference. Maybe if the World Series was between the Mets and some other AL team (besides the Red Sox, obviously), I’d have rooted for the Mets. …but not the Yankees. Never the Yankees.

I watched the Emmys tonight too. It seemed like 2/3rds of the winners weren’t there. At least that meant it moved fast without many long speeches. I liked seeing Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford on stage to present (since I know them and Jane knows me). It’s a shame Jane didn’t win, but I’m sure she’ll be nominated again next year.

Oh, and Riki made a really cute mascot for my Kawaii or Kowai anime web site. It’s just a sketch right now and I’m anxious to see it colored in. I’ll have to hurry up and put the finishing touches on the site soon so it can launch when she’s done with the mascot.

Anyway, I need to get to bed and get some sleep before FreakBoss calls me and wakes me up (like usual)…

November 5, 2001

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