I know what you did last weekend

On Saturday afternoon, I drove up to Nashua en route to Michi‘s Christmas party in Middle Of Nowhere, NH. I had to stop on the way to get wrapping paper and a gift for Nikki, who told me she made a gift for me. I stopped in a bunch of stores on the way up and it took a lot longer than I expected (especially with all the crowds of stupid people). I looked in about 6 different stores but couldn’t find either of the gifts I wanted to get. 🙁 I ended up having to settle for a Kyuubimon toy. (Which is only appropriate since Nikki says she’ll dress as Rika, Kyuubimon’s trainer, at Otakon.) No, nobody had Renamon. 🙁 Tons of Guilmon though.

JodySo I arrived really late, quickly wrapped the stuff, and drove with Nikki out to Michi’s. We had a great time playing games, eating, and chatting all night…and I do mean all night. I got home at about 6am or something. (I was too tired to remember.)

I just wish that I knew EVERYONE was going to have presents for me. I felt bad not having something for everyone…but I’ll make it up to them somehow, sometime. …and when I’ve got more spending money.

Nikki gave me a great drawing of me dressed as Ferio hiding behind a tree and stalking Chibi Moon. Michi gave me a Chibi Moon dart board. They’re obviously big Chibi Project fans.
Matt gave me some awesome Iria action figures that I didn’t even know existed. They’ll look nice in my dining room display case (since I have no china to display in there).

purple wigJody gave me a purple wig similar to my Ferio wig. I look like Xellos in it. Pretty funny…

Anyway, I obviously slept in on Sunday. I was restless all day. I got bored and went out to K-Mart and actually got some Christmas shopping done. (No, I’m technically not buying gifts from K-Mart…just some stuff I needed to go along with them.)

I came home, fixed an e-mail problem on my server, and stayed up chatting on IRC. Before going to sleep, I finished that Halo book. It was actually pretty decent and I enjoyed reading it, but it didn’t really end. It just kind of left me hanging…like the end of The Truman Show, the new Planet of the Apes, and The Blair Witch Project. I guess they want me to buy the video game. I will…when they release the Mac version in the spring. I had planned to get it ever since they started showing it off in 1999. I loved Bungie’s “Marathon” games, so “Halo” seems like a natural evolution (especially since the Halo logo has the Marathon logo right in the center.)
Oh, that was another thing about the book, there were a few references to other Bungie games…like a mention of “Marathon-class” starships and many references to “ONI” (which stands for “Office of Naval Intelligence” in the book).

I talked to my parents on the phone too. They’re back from their trip to Florida. They had a good time, apparently. Of course, they peppered me with questions like, “Are you doing okay?” and “You’re getting by, right?” and “Are you eating well?”
I bitched to them about FreakBoss. They asked if he had more work for me. I told them I was never going back there. Ever. “Of all the people I’ve ever worked for under whatever circumstances, this is by far the worst job I’ve ever had.” They thought I should charge him for the time I’m sitting there waiting for him too. I know he wouldn’t pay for that…and even if he would, I do NOT want to go back there. He still owes me $20, but I’d much rather just cut my losses and call it quits. Keep the $20.

…and so I’ve added something new to the left-side menu on this page: “Estimated time until I’m living on the street”. Hopefully that number will be going upwards at some point. We’ll see.

Today we went and looked at the Swissotel for Anime Boston. Pretty nice, but too small. Looks like the Park Plaza is the best option…but I’ll find out for sure tomorrow when we have an online meeting.
“The Westin Copley is the weakest link in this round. The Boston Park Plaza is the strongest link…but how will the votes go?”

Adam, Elana, and I had dinner at the Kinsale in Govt. Center. Nice place. Reminds me a bit of the Corrib Pub.