I hate writing with a pen

I just spent the last FIVE HOURS filling out a stupid job application for the interview. It was five pages long and needs my whole life history (except the stuff they can’t ask…age, sex, religion, etc.) My hand hurts now. I haven’t written that much with a pen since college.

It’s kind of funny though… They want the phone numbers for the previous companies I’ve worked for. Most of them say “N/A” since they no longer exist. 🙂

They also want references, so I’ve asked Kathy, Kara, and Mia…but Mia’s on vacation apparently (or so her e-mail autoresponder says). I suppose I could list Rob, but I’d rather have Mia listed. I think I used her once before too.

Anyway, I should get to bed now. Interview at 1:30pm in Kendall Square.

February 6, 2002

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