I had a dream…

I haven’t been remembering my dreams lately, but this morning I remembered dreaming that I was writing HTML to do some silly photo gallery page. I don’t remember what it was for, but it bothers me that I’m doing work in my sleep. …and I’m not getting paid for THAT either!

FreakBoss e-mailed this morning wondering where I was yesterday. He apparently thought I was going to show up. Maybe I did say I would, but I think I would have said anything to get out of there last Friday. I e-mailed him his precious HTML and images files for his latest web site. We’ll see if he can figure out what to do with them. I’ll have to head down there tomorrow I guess. He has “content to discuss” or something. Hopefully he actually has it written and doesn’t expect me to steal someone else’s and change the company name like he wanted on Friday. Idiot.

November 14, 2001

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