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For this entry and an update on the web/e-mail server situation, I’ll let Brian tell you all about it. (Even though he doesn’t know it and I’m just copying the text from his e-mail.) It’s actually kind of amusing…in a The-Server’s-Been-Down-For-Almost-A-Week-Dammit-Fix-It-Already kind of way.

I finally got the two ISPs to admit the problem is with a stray route in the RADB database (I think ‘Routing Authority Database’).

  % whois -h 198.175.254

  descr:      InternetConnect.Net
  origin:     AS6921
  member-of:  RS-COMM_NSFNET
  mnt-by:     MAINT-AS6921
  changed:    [email protected] 20000310
  source:     RADB  

  descr:              Brian Reichert
  origin:             AS3578
  mnt-by:             MAINT-AS3578
  changed:            [email protected] 20020322
  source:             RADB

The first one is the holdover from InternetConnect, the second is the one from MV (and I had to nag them to get one in there.)

It was really wierd.

I told MV a week ago to start announcing my route (once the DSL line was in). They did, but _didn’t_ set up an route entry in the database. I had to nag them into doing it.

I told InternetConnect to stop announcing my route, and they did, but _they_ didn’t delete their route object in the database.

When I cornered InternetConnect, they admitted that they _couldn’t_; the maintainer (MAINT-AS6921, [email protected]) left the company two months ago; no-one else had a clue how to deal.

I conveyed all of _that_ to MV, who didn’t seem to want to lift a finger to help. I even pointed them to the RADB website’s FAQ, showing them where it said that, in the event of a network transfer, if the old route maintainer cannot be gotten in touch with, the new maintainer can work with the RADB people to make it go away.

Only today, did the _owner_ (and lead technical guy) step into the fray; he seemed impressed that I had ‘learned’ how to deal with RADB (which I did two years ago, the last time I had an ISP crumple out from under me), that he personally sent email to the RADB people (Cc’ed to me) to ask that that old route entry be removed. This only happened late this afternoon.

When that ‘whois’ command I ran above reveals only one route, then (I hope) my problems will be over (pending a brief ‘flap’ as my route gets properly announced thoughout the Internet (well, North America, at least)).

I’ll keep you posted.

March 27, 2002

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