I know you guys love hearing about FreakBoss. I had hoped to leave him behind more than a month ago. He’s STILL bugging me.

To: “‘Patrick Delahanty'”
Subject: Fine-leathers…

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:42:08 -0500

How have you been? I have to ask you if you will be completing the leathers project, I feel like you should as it is basically your project in the sense you did the coding and know the project… I guess I really do not understand all of why you kind of just disappeared – I do understand that you could make more money on projects you have coming up but to cut off all contact – I guess I do not believe that is your intent – you have been just busy… In any event will you be able to work on the leathers site for me – maybe we can talk about some other things including moving your rate for future projects…

I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits – hope to hear from you soon…


I’ll probably have to reply to this one. (Maybe tomorrow.) That stupid leathers site he’s talking about was the first one I did for him. It was DONE. They had to stick a few product pictures into their little Windows shopping cart thingie, but that’s it. …and that’s certainly something he could manage.

Moving my rate for future projects, eh? I guess it finally hit him he can’t have cheap help.

Anyway, when I write back to him, I’ll find out exactly what he expects done in order to “finish” that finished site…but I’m NOT driving down there again (unless it’s to pick up my money) and I’m NOT getting involved in any “future projects” with him…even if he gives me a higher rate. (Considering the time I put in with driving, sitting around waiting for him, and everything else, I’d be better off working at the mall for minimum wage.) He still pisses me off.

January 30, 2002

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