FreakBoss Returns!

Only worth mentioning since he’s been quiet for so long…

To: “‘Patrick Delahanty'”
Subject: [DOMAIN DELETED].com
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 10:10:23 -0500
Pat we really need that web site…

Yeah, whatever Sparky.

Riki finished with mascot for Kawaii or Kowai! Her name is Kamaboko, which translates to “Fishcake”. She’s so CUTE!

I left my computer on last night converting a 500 Mb capture of Bridge to the Future to RealMedia. It came out at about 33 Mb. By the time you read this, it should be available at the web site under the “Downloads” section. It’s 20 minutes long, so be prepared for that.

There are a lot of WPI jokes in it, so you won’t get those unless you go or have gone to WPI…but I’ll explain some of them right now.

  • MQP = Major Qualifying Project. It’s kind of the equivalent to a senior thesis. You can partner up with people if you want and it takes up a whole term (or 1/3rd of 3 terms). Unlike a thesis, the paper just kind of explains the project. The project itself is what most of the grade rests on. For my MQP, I partnered with a girl (I’m blanking on the name) and made a multimedia tour of Fuller Labs, the Computer Science building. Of course, this was started in 1994 and by the next year the project was already obsolete because of the web. Heh… 🙂
  • LnL = Lens n Lights. The line is “I think there’s some LnL guys up there.” LnL handles all the lighting, projection, sound, etc at WPI events.
  • The Student Center. At the time this movie was made in 1996, WPI didn’t have a Campus Center. (They do now. It was completed about a year ago.) We didn’t even know that there used to be a Student Center until we saw this film. We did some research and believe it was torn down so they could put up a stupid physics building.
  • Women at WPI. WPI didn’t start admitting women until the 1960s. My class at WPI had a 5:1 male:female ratio. Is it any wonder I didn’t date anyone in college?
  • About us. I graduated in 1995 and this was made in early 1996. The two guys on my right, John and Kyle, were seniors at the time.
  • “We’ll track you down and find you at least once a year!” This is actually something the head of the alumni association used to say at graduation every year.
  • For more stuff, refer to the FAQ on the web site.
December 3, 2001

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