Five Hundred Days

For the record, it has now been FIVE HUNDRED DAYS since I was supposed to get a new kitchen floor. I think I’ll start including a note with the current count with my next rent check. 🙂

To recap, my current kitchen floor’s not BAD…but I moved in expecting a new kitchen floor. They wanted to know if I could wait a couple weeks to move in so that they could install it. Since my Windsor Village lease was up, I couldn’t stay any longer there…but told them that I wouldn’t mind it being installed after I moved in.

Since then, they’ve just been promising they’ll get to it. They installed new windows back in November 2001 and told me at one point that because they did that, my floor would have to wait. Later on, they told me “probably Thanksgiving weekend” (in 2002). …but I still have the same floor.

Wanna see?
Half of my kitchen
Passed out on the floor

February 12, 2003

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