Fire and Ice Theme Song

Okay, since that last entry ended up being yet anotherĀ bitch about FreakBoss, I want to make up for it. Here’s a little song I wrote a while back for Fire and Ice…the favorite gathering place of Boston-area Anime on DVD members. (Okay, so I didn’t write it entirely. I took a first-season MST3K song and modified it.) If you ask me in person, I might sing it for you.

Fire and Ice Theme Song
If you’re tired of the same old fare,
Come on in and get your meal where
All our meat is guaranteed rare
Because we don’t cook it!

(Spoken) You see, cooking takes out all the flavor.

If you’re tired of cookin’ at home,
Try our meat right off the bone.
If you listen, you can hear it moan
Because we don’t cook it!

(Spoken) Stunned, killed right at your table, eviscerated, very fresh.

Now, there’s no need for you to drive through,
Our fresh meat’ll walk out to you.
You’ll say hi, it’ll say moo,
It’s Fire and Ice Flesh Barn.

(Spoken) Four locations to serve you, now in Houston.

November 18, 2001

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