Dinner and a musical

I headed over to Elana’s office with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t want to be late this time. She had to finish up some work, so I hung out until she was ready. When her big file transfer hit 49%, we figured it was probably safe and headed out. I took her to dinner at Bitsuteki<sp?>, one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook in front of you. It was quite yummy and the preparation, as always, was pretty entertaining. We talked about work, vacations, and all sorts of stuff. I had a great time.

After dropping her off, I headed home and watched the Buffy musical episode. That was…um…different.

Now I’ll probably go to the store for a snack (since I’m horribly low on food other than Halloween candy) and I’ll work on re-writing that lame “Community” part of my web site. It’s been essentially untouched since I wrote it one weekend in 1997 and for some reason it’s been getting more popular lately. (If you’re reading this, please don’t go looking for it yet. It’s that lame…and parts are broken. It serves no purpose…yet.)
If I could just get mySQL installed, it would be pretty spiffy…but since Nick apparently didn’t do a full FreeBSD install when he set up the server, some essential libraries are missing. I haven’t bothered fixing it since Brian keeps saying the sites he’s hosting at his house/datacenter, will be moving to a central machine soon.

November 6, 2001

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