Cleaning Day

So I planned to do laundry this afternoon. I bring a load downstairs and discover that my upstairs neighbors are using my machines and my detergent! WTF?!

So the next time I hear one of them head down there, I grab a box I had to bring down there anyway and “conveniently” bump into a cute girl checking her laundry.
“Something wrong with your machines over there?”
“Oh, these are yours? Sorry!”
“Yeah, no problem.”
“Billy put the laundry in. I guess he didn’t know.”

“Don’t worry about it.”
…and I still have no clue who “Billy” is.

I gave the place a decent cleaning. It was a big mess with clutter all over the place. Now there’s just clutter in a few places. Progress. 🙂
The reason behind the cleaning was that I thought my brother was going to stop by this afternoon on his way back from a wedding in Connecticut. His e-mail didn’t specify a time, but I decided not to go to a party at Brian’s because of it.
I sat here all day. He never showed up. Bastard.

September 29, 2002

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