Chibi Moon is dead…just about

I went out to Cat Rock Park today and conducted the latest test forĀ The Chibi Project. I duct-taped Chibi Moon to an Estes model rocket engine and set it off. It went flying off wildly when the duct tape melted from the thrust. Chibi Moon (who was separated into two parts) went flying.
I searched for 20 minutes and found her right half. After another 25 minutes, I still hadn’t found the left half…but it was getting dark. I’ll go back tomorrow and find it in the daylight.
I really hope I can find it. I’m holding off on putting all the pictures online until I do so that I can get a good “after” photo with both parts.
I kind of expected her to be a puddle of goo…but she actually held up pretty well considering there was 12 Newtons of super-hot thrust pointed at her face. The paint’s all gone from the front of her, but the shape of her body is mostly intact. Even still, it was probably the most destructive test so far.

December 21, 2001

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