Barbershop Quartet

I’m getting a haircut tonight…for the first time since Anime North in May. I don’t like going there. They always ask how I want it cut. I tell them, “It’s been ___ months since my last haircut, so definitely shorter…but not crew cut short. I’m open to suggestions.” …and then I walk out with the exact same haircut I had last time. It’s kind of disappointing. Something wilder would be fun…but not too short. Dye it blue and make me happy because it’s different than before. I’m tired of having almost the same hairstyle since the 1980’s.

I have nightmares about going in and ending up with a crew cut and having to wear hats for a month. (I don’t look good in hats.) That’s the one style of haircut I never want. (I don’t want to shave my head either, but that doesn’t count as a style of haircut.)

December 12, 2002

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