Bakuretsu Con – now in handy pocket size!

Bakuretsu Con 2003

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned that I’ve been asked to be a guest at Bakuretsu Con before, but I was browsing around their site earlier today (trying to figure out when I should get there) and decided to check out the site for the hotel. They had a nice big hotel last year (as seen in my report) but are moving to a new hotel this year. (I dug out my Best Western Gold Crown Club card and will get to use it here and at PortConMaine.)

So anyway, I take a look at the hotel’s site and click on Meeting/Conference to check out the function space where the con will probably be. Four rooms. This “Conference Center” has only four rooms? I must be missing something. Even for a small con like Bakuretsu Con, this doesn’t seem like enough space. Maybe I’ve just been looking at floor plans for the Hynes Convention Center too much lately. …but it seems like there’s a definite lack of space.

Whatever. Not my problem…and at least if I think small, I won’t be disappointed (as long as at least a couple people show up to my panel).

…and I get a free continental breakfast, so that’s cool. Plus “Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk served every night” Actually, I may have stayed at this hotel before when I either went up to my brother’s college graduation or when I went to one of my father’s college reunions. I’m not sure. I thought it was a Holiday Inn, but I suppose it’s possible the hotel changed hands. …or maybe it’s just next door. I’ll find out when I get there.

May 4, 2003

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