As seen on TV

I thought this only happened in movies and on cheesy TV dramas, but I just saw it happen across the street.

As I drove home, a car was behind me on my street. I pulled into my driveway and went to the front door. The other car pulled up in front of the house across the street and the dog next door to that house started barking like crazy. I reached into my mailbox and heard some rustling in the tree across the street. When I looked over (thinking the dog was up there) I saw a guy jump out of the tree and get into the car as it drove off.

Apparently the teenager living across the street just snuck out! He apparently left through his bedroom window, walked across the front porch roof, climbed down the tree, and got into his friend’s car. I can see the flickering light of a TV in the bedroom window…probably a distraction so his parents (who are an older couple I’ve seen around) don’t realize he’s gone.

That kid’s got balls. I was never so sneaky.

Now I’m hoping I can see him when he returns home after his wild Tuesday night out. I wonder if he’ll climb back up the tree or if he’ll sneak in the front door.

November 5, 2002

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