Arisia – Day One

I went to Arisia today. It was okay. Not much going on in Friday’s schedule. Kind of a shame. I guess I’m used to busy Fridays from anime cons.

I parked at Northeastern for free and took the T in. Much better than that $20/day (or something) that the garage across the street would charge.

Wendy’s was closed, so I snacked on some Chex Mix from CVS for dinner. I think I’m gonna go make a sandwich now for something a little more filling. Tomorrow, I’ll bring a sandwich with me. I’ll have to see if Brian, Jeff, or someone else will let me stash my coat and stuff in their room so I won’t have to carry it around ALL day.

We should probably get a Dealers’ Row room for Anime Boston next year so we can sell registrations and have a little party one night. Maybe run short AMVs on the TV or something. (Full length episodes would be too long for the people that would be coming in and out all the time.)

I put a bunch of flyers in the little flyer holder thing they had. We gave some to a few vendors too and a few attendees. I stuck some up near the anime video room, but since it wasn’t a designated flyer area, they probably got tossed. I’ll stick more there tomorrow anyway.

…and after a lot of walking (9575 steps according to my belt-bound Pikachu 2 GS), I’m kinda tired. I’m gonna whip up a sandwich or something, figure out what time I should get there tomorrow, and then watch some TV in bed.

January 18, 2002

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