Another few minutes of fame wasted…

Arjuna volume 2

So at Anime Expo, Lizz had arranged an interview with Shoji Kawamori. I was dressed as Renamon that day. While we waited, I wandered over to see Ramen & Rice (who happened to be dressed as other Digimon Tamers characters). After a couple photos with me, they went back to playing and I wandered back to Lizz.

…and now we pick up our story with this post by asagiri2040 on Anime on DVD. (The second-to-last paragraph is the one you want.)

For archival purposes (after that post is long gone), it says:

The interview (only a part of the whole thing) with Shoji Kawamori is rather interesting. The part on this disc runs about 6 minutes, and I’d swear that I’d read that information somewhere else; the answers he gives to the questions, that is. My gripe with the interview: the background. Apparently the interview was filmed in a crowded room at AX2002, and as a result the background is wildly distracting. Nobody’s waving at the camera or anything, but just behind and to the right of Kawamori-san (well, it would be his left, but anyway ) there’s a girl cosplaying as Merle from Esca, and she’s got the bright costume and the pink wig and everything, and it’s just really damned distracting. And then the guy in the full body Pokemon costume shows up. And sits at the same table as Merle. GRR. Bad cameraman! Bad! Do not film interviews in crowded rooms that may or may not contain cosplayers! Also of note is the fact that subtitle options seem to be locked out for the interview, but can be set via the main menu. So make sure your subs are on, or that you can understand Japanese, before watching the interview.

So apparently Lizz and I are on Arjuna volume 2.

December 6, 2002

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