Anime Conventions vs Family Obligations

The Otakon date for 2003 was leaked (and is in my convention schedule) and I can’t go. It’s the same weekend as my oldest cousin Jim’s wedding. Arrrgh! Why can’t Otakon stay on the same weekend for two years in a row?

At least I’ll see everyone at Anime Boston…and some people have said they’re not going back to Otakon anyway. (Seems like more and more people say that each year, but yet the attendance keeps going up.)

If anything, this increases the odds that I’ll be going to Anime North, but that’s still up in the air…mostly because that’s not on a holiday weekend (for the US) this year and because it’s so close to a couple local cons I’ve already committed to.

In other news, I’ve booked a room for myself, Lizz, and Buford at the Anaheim Hilton for AX 2003.

For the record, here are the cons I’m definitely attending in 2003:

…and with my last con of 2003 in July, that will seem like a LONG dry spell. I’m sure something else will pop up like it did this year. I didn’t plan to go to AXNY or TotemCon until shortly beforehand. (…and didn’t even decide on TotemCon until a few minutes after I arrived at the hotel and gave in to the outrageous ticket price.)

December 3, 2002

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