Andy Dick

Joe Busch

So there’s this guy I used to work with at The Monster Board (back when it was called “The Monster Board”) named Joe Busch. He and I were both Internet Developers (along with Christine) in the Creative department. Joe got fed up with the bitch who was our boss at the time and left shortly before I did. He moved to NYC, went to school, worked for TMP down there, and did other stuff.

Jil (another former boss, but a good one) told me the other day that he’s back in school out in California going for some sort of advanced degree…in math. (I have no idea why anyone really needs an advanced degree in math. The only thing you can do with it is teach math to other people who will eventually become math teachers.)

Anyway, I’ve always thought that Joe Busch had a remarkable resemblance to Andy Dick. I guess people have told Joe that a lot too. …and recently Joe bumped into Andy Dick at a flea market (or something like that where you’d never expect to see any celebrities). Andy Dick said something like, “Woah! You look just like me! Has anyone ever told you that?”

No point to this story. …but here’s a picture of Joe from a few years ago.

December 11, 2002

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