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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Shopping: New England

This region includes: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT


    Ben Franklin Variety
    Locations: MA, NH, RI, VT
    Phone: 800-992-9307
    Ben Franklin Crafts stores won't stock any Lego sets, but the Ben Franklin Variety stores carry some. It has been reported that some stores have had discontinued sets since the stock moves slowly. However, the selection is lacking in most locations.
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    Locations: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT
    Phone: 800-355-6388
    Who doesn't know what K-Mart is? You'll probably find that the selection between stores can vary greatly and the toy asiles are usually scattered across the floor. If there's a Toys R Us nearby, you'll probably find some discontinued sets, otherwise the stock will get rotated rather quickly. The prices are usually average and 20% off sales happen periodically. K-Mart does carry large-size Lego sets, unlike some other department stores.
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    Learning Express
    Locations: MA, NH, VT
    Phone: 978-889-1000
    There aren't many of these stores around, but if you come across one, it might be worth stopping in. The prices are higher than usual, as with other educational-type stores, but some of these have been known to have a few discontinued sets in stock.
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    Shelburne Toy & Hobby
    Locations: Shelburne, VT
    Phone: 802-985-8592
    Before the Toys R Us opened in South Burlington, this was the largest Lego retailer in Vermont. The owner claims to move more Lego than Toys R Us. There is a fairly good selection, but it's at full retail. He has stuff Toys R Us doesn't and vice-versa.
    The Toy Shop of Concord
    Locations: Concord, MA
    Phone: 508-369-2553
    This isn't a chain...in fact, there's only one store. There is usually a good selection of current sets and the store has been known to recieve new sets before some of the larger stores. The owner of this small toy shop in Concord, MA takes phone orders and will ship across the country if he has what you're looking for.
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