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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Pirates : Unnamed

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 1481 - Unnamed

Rating: 1 Stars
Pros: The parrot, shark, and plant elements
Cons: It is hardly a set because it is just a bunch of grey bricks that join some yellow plates together.
Contents: 19 pieces including 1 mini-fig
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 23-Jul-1998
Reviewed by: [email protected]

1481 Stranded after a shipwreck on a desert island, Sam Rinks was about ready to give up hope on being rescued. He had been stranded on the island for almost three weeks. He survived only by eating the few scrubby tufts of grass and boiling the sea water using an iron pot he had managed to salvage.
He was about ready to finally pull the trigger on his pistol when he saw the silhouette of a ship in the distance. He frantically got up and scrambled to his lookout on top of a small rocky outcrop. He picked a stick up off of the ground and attatched his shirt to it, hoping he would be found.
He was.
All of a sudden, it started to rain iron balls.

This wee little Pirate island was one of the sets that came in a megolithic value pack from 1991.
It is basically two yellow plates joined together by some grey bricks and a few foliage elements. A black flagpole with a white flag is also included, along with a small black pot that holds four gold coins.
It is a really pathetic set unless you buy multiple copies or get another set like it, like Buried Treasure, or Pirate Lookout. If you do get a lot of sets like it, you could join them together to make a small island. Add a cannon and a Jolly Roger flag and you're set.
If you don't get multiple copies though, don't even bother considering this jumble of pieces. Its only redeeming qualities are the inclusion of a parrot and a shark to eat the lone Pirate.

45 readers have rated this set as 2.7 out of 5 stars.
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