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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Castle : Royal Knights : Royal King

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6008 - Royal King

Rating: 1 Stars
Pros: A silver sword
Cons: Over priced! Silly looking King
Contents: 11 pieces
Price: $3.50 - Discontinued
Reviewed: 02-Dec-1998
Reviewed by: Mark Bauer

It is a terrible time for the Royal Knights. The King has left to do battle with the evil Fright Knights and has not returned with his men for months. The Royal Knights are worried that their civilization will soon crumble without their leader.
Then in the distance a shadow can be seen from the tower of the Royal Castle. In on his white horse comes the King. The knights rush down to the courtyard to meet their leader in praise.

Well here I am once again forced with the decision to buy a very small set. I usually only buy the largest sets in themes, but for some reason something possessed me to pick up this set and overall it is pretty bad! The set is as simple as a set can get; there is a horse and a king the looks more like a clown with that silly gold crown thing. The horse has a saddle and a flag, which was expected. The king has a silver sword which is the only good thing to this set, and the king also has a golden crown or as I call it the clown hat.
The set only has a pitiful 11 pieces and cost $3.50 which really appalled me. I really don't know what I was on when I got this set. I would only recommend this set to completists of the castle theme. Other than that´┐Ż stay far away, it just is not worth the dough that they ask for!

30 readers have rated this set as 1.645 out of 5 stars.
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