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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Technic : Space Shuttle

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 8480 - Space Shuttle

Rating: 5 Stars
Pros: Functions have to be the best. Includes every Technic function except the flex system.
Cons: There's no fuel tank and booster rockets.
Contents: 1,366 pieces!
Price: About $150
Reviewed: 20-May-1998
Reviewed by: Josh Opotzner


The darn thing comes with a Technic battery box, technic power pack moter, micro motor, fiber optics, a piece count of 1,366 and a price tag of $150. Regardless of the price, the set is a must have.
The function of this set is like no other set. I've heard about it being very much like the Super Car, but the only thing I have done with that is built a page from my cousin's Super Car, so I can't compare.
The Space Shuttle is massive. It's 20" long and has a wingspan of just over a foot. It has a gear thingy in back of the cockpit which is similar to a gear switch in a car. Switch the gear and press the button; the shuttle will perform the action the gear switch is moved to. Near the back is a yellow switch on each side. One puts power to the Technic motor that works the functions on the gear box. The other, well, more on that later. Here's what you can do:

  1. Move gear switch to right bottom and press switch at rear of shuttle to open the shuttle's cargo bay doors.
  2. Move gear switch to left top to raise the huge mechanical arm to lift the satellite.
  3. Move switch to left bottom to turn the arm side to side to get the satellite a safe distance from the shuttle.
  4. Turn the switch left of the back hull to open satellite wings/solar panels. Now manually detach the satellite.
  5. Move gear switch to right bottom to ignite the engine thrusters! (Fast moving fiber optic lights.)
All functions can be performed backwards by turning the switch either way. (It depends what button you pressed on the battery box.)

More special pieces include a white (not grey) battery box, 4 wires (2 are longer than your computer screen), and black engines (in yellow in Aquanaut sets.) Thereare a few more functions. On each wing there is a yellow switch. Pull one back and forth to move wing flaps, move the other to retract the landing gear.
You can fit 2 mini-figs in the front. I prefer a black original Space mini-fig with a Launch Command head.
It's a must for any Technic collector. Since it's mini-fig scale, Town collectors might consider it. The only flaw is that there isn't any fuel tank and booster rockets. That would be pushing it, though. A fuel tank is bigger than a space shuttle in real life!

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