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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Castle : Castle Mini-figures

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6103 - Castle Mini-figures

Rating: 5 Stars
Pros: Lots of mini-figs; good assortment of weapons; a pitch fork!
Cons: None. A must have for any Castle collector!
Contents: 32 pieces with 6 mini-figs
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 17-Jul-1998
Reviewed by: Mark Bauer

6103 "You will never take this land, the Forestmen have already claimed it," cried out a forestman to the others. A group of six people had met on an undiscovered lagoon and everyone wanted a piece of it.
"Well, I am not going to leave this place until I have this land," shouted out a Crusader.
"Well, I will exterminate you. Then the Falcons will rule the lagoon," said another knight.
The six quickly got into a battle. It lasted a while until it was down to a forestman and a Crusader. They duked it out for quite some time until the Crusader came out victorious. He went to the king and a fortress was soon built in the area.

This is one set that is definitely worth searching for. Although it is only a mini-fig set, all the mini-figs belong to themes which are no more. *Sniff*

This set comes with two forestmen, a Crusader, two Black Falcon knights and a peasant. One forestman comes with a sword and shield, the other has a bow and arrow. There are also the two Black Falcon knights (the only two I have) that are both equipped with the same weapons as the forestmen. There is also a Crusader who has an axe and shield. The coolest figure is the last and seems to be a peasant with a bucket on his back and a pitch fork. (SO COOL!) I still have not seen another one of these. I know they are probably in older sets but not in anything new.

All in all there are absolutely no cons here. You get 6 mini-figs and a good assortment of weapons plus the extremely cool pitch fork. It's a real shame that the newer Castle mini-figure sets are so low in quality compared to this one. (Don't even get me started on the newest mini-fig set with only Fright Night people!)
If you compare the 1994 Castle mini-fig set and this one, you will truly see why this set is so much better than the newer ones. A true classic in the mini-fig department!

75 readers have rated this set as 4.555 out of 5 stars.
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