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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Castle : Medieval Knights

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6105 - Medieval Knights

Rating: 2 Stars
Pros: A good set for a few extra weapons
Cons: The previous castle mini-fig set covers four sub-themes (two different knight factions, a peasant and some forest men), this only has Dragon Masters and a Wolfpack figure.
Contents: 28 pieces including 4 mini-figs and 1 black horse
Price: About $5.99 - Discontinued
Reviewed: 15-Mar-1997
Reviewed by: Joseph Gonzalez

6105 The great stone moves slowly at first, then gradually with a stubborn, grating screech, it dislodges from its place. A torch is thrown into the dark cavity and all watch as the stick bounces and finally rests near a northern wall, its small aura of light illuminating a portion of the room, outlining the enormous four-armed golem that the search party has expected to find but all have been curious to see.
"Well," growls the thief, "I got you this far, you can't get cold feet now. When your master sent you out for that staff with a power no mortal was ever meant to have, you didn't expect it to be unguarded now did you?"
Two of the knights draw their swords, muttering curses, as a third cocks his crossbow. The three armor-clad men slowly advance through the small opening in rock as the thief, in a crouch, waits behind for them. With their entrance to the chamber, the golem sparks to life and steps down from its platform in a fighting stance. "And don't forget to grab my gold buckler, too." the thief adds from outside, "After all, it's the only thing that got me to guide you here in the first place!"

I've recently made comments that newer castle sets don't come with enough weapons, and while the 6105 - Medieval Knights will help you pick up a few more weapons, you may still end up with more people than arms.
The 6105 is a nice set of a few extra knights, but I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't give a mixture of knights from sub-themes like the previous castle mini-fig set (6103). Even Space mini-fig packs give a variety of three or four sub-themes, but this set comes as a majority of Dragon Masters plus one Wolfpack thief.
One nice thing is that you do get the three varied DM tunics (dragon head, snorting dragon head and spread eagle dragon). Plus, considering the Wolfpack sub-theme is now nonexistent, you could consider this lone thief to be the "last of the Mohicans"; personally, I jumped at the chance to give him the red hair head and black pants to set him apart from the other Wolfpack dudes.
Weapons in the set include three standard swords, spear, halberd, and a crossbow. There is one teardrop DM shield and one chevron Wolfpack shield. Extra accessories include two plastic mini-capes (one black and one red) and one cloth Dragon Master cape (look closely in the folds of the one-page catalog for the cloth cape, I almost threw mine away).
I picked up a couple of these sets to reinforce troops at the Fire Breathing Fortress, but again, I would have liked a better variety of knights.

50 readers have rated this set as 3.155 out of 5 stars.
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