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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Castle : Ninjas : Samurai Swordsman

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6013 - Samurai Swordsman

Rating: 2 Stars
Pros: It accidentally includes doubles of 2 pieces, cool armor and flag
Cons: Too expensive for 12 pieces. Can't be played with alone.
Contents: 12 pieces with 1 horse and 1 mini-fig
Price: $2.99
Reviewed: 21-May-1998
Reviewed by: Josh Opotzner

6013 A lone Samurai mounts his horse in fear of nearby Ninjas. If they are going to attack, that horse will give him some protection. Sensing a nearby noise, he quickly takes out his long sword. He knows it has a great reach, making him feel somewhat better. He sees a swift shadowy figure pass right in front of him, and then the horse just collasped. The Ninjas then all jumped at him, all three, out of the darkness.

Ok, I think the story is a little cheesy, but it's impossible to write anything about a horse and a mini-fig. I shouldn't have gotten this set.
When I called Jesses Toys to see if they had Cyber Slam they said, "Yes, along with Ninjas." I rushed over to the Cyber Slam set but I had to sample the Ninjas, too. After buying that Cyber Slam set, I was a buck short for a formidable sized Ninja set! I was stuck with the smallest, the cheapest, the Samurai Swordsman. But $3.00? For 12 pieces? A black horse, long bendable plastic flag, and the figure itself? The price bugs me.
I know I'd like it better if I had a bigger Ninja set, because you know how much you want extra horses. A horse for everybody! The figure is cool though. He holds a sword as long as he and has a gold horn thing on his head. Strange, it included 2 long flagpoles and 2 gold horns instead of 1 of each.
The flagpole is brown, I would like it if it was black because I could take the extra and put it on my Skulls Eye Schooner because I lost one of its flagpoles. The mini-fig has got some awsome armor on him with massive shoulder pads. After buying a few larger Ninja sets you might consider this one.

44 readers have rated this set as 3.51 out of 5 stars.
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