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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Boats : C26 Sea Cutter

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 4022 - C26 Sea Cutter

Rating: 3 Stars
Pros: Sleek, impressive design and cool fireman's gear/kit. Probably the nicest boat currently available.
Cons: One piece hull stifles creativity and those dreaded decals again!
Contents: 193 pieces including three mini-figs.
Price: $29.99 - Discontinued
Reviewed: 29-Mar-1998
Reviewed by: Matthew Chappell

4022 Jim Cairns, Bob Menzies and Billy Sneddon were the greatest friends you could ever find. Trial and tribulation had carved a deep and often painful impression on each of their souls but all wouldn't have traded their experiences with one another for the world. Well, except maybe for
Billy. Billy hated aliens. He always said that all aliens came here for was to come for him. But then again, that's what ya get for prowlin' round the Bermuda Triangle rescuin' people. The only thing Billy liked about his job (apart from his friends) was streaking through the waves in their really big boat, the C-26 Sea Cutter, the biggest and most powerful motorboat he had ever been on, 50 feet long if an inch. Those pesky aliens, weren't gonna catch him! Or the sea monsters, ghost ships, temporary wormholes, Atlantean submarines...

The 4022 C-26 Sea Cutter is the largest, sleekest and most impressive of the Lego boats in their current line-up. It's comparable to the 1991 issue 4021 Police Patrol but wouldn't stand a chance against the same year's issue 4031 Fire Boat. However, like I said, it is the sleekest and most impressive of the current models, so it is the nicest. If you are planning on buying a boat, do it properly and buy this one.
Now, how do I describe this aquatic piece of engineering? Let's see. Going from front to back, it has certain features to offer. At the bow of the ship a pair of searchlights are mounted on a swivelling base, which turns 360 degrees. Very useful for locating a drowning sailor or an angry sea monster. The cockpit is decked out very nicely indeed, with sonar, steering wheel and two individual windshields. There are two compartments on either side of the main part of the boat for storing fire-fighting equipment, which is also provided. The stern is provided with an array of hooks and clasps, to which you can safely place your life-preservers and extra pieces of fire-fighting equipment. And, to top it all off, a sturdy winch with a towing line is sported. This piece of equipment actually works as well.
As you may have guessed already this boat actually floats and does it very well (I've tried it out in the kitchen sink and it did not sink). Buoyancy is achieved through two metal weights encased in plastic at either end of the boat, down in the hull. Adding to playability is a little cylindrical projection at the back of the boat that allows you to attach a little hobby motor so the boat can propel itself around the pool or bath-tub. I've heard a rumor that the 4002 model unfortunately does not sport one of these features.
The unique elements in this set include two tall red antennae, two blue tail-fins and a single mast. These features alone give the boat a modern aerodynamic nautical feel. Unfortunately, however, there are no alternative models on the back of the box. You really can't do much with a one-piece hull because anything you did attempt top deck would look too short on such a long hull. This is exactly the reason why there are no alternative models on the back of the box! I liked the days when hulls came in three or more pieces, allowing for more creativity.
Still, I would recommend this boat to anyone who would like a boat in their collection. It does float, so there is potential for great playability. I am hoping that Lego next year introduces a new fire-boat. Hands up all who agree with me!

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