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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Castle : Ninjas : Ninja Knights

[Purchase Online at KBkids.com] [Purchase Online at Amazon.com] 4805 - Ninja Knights

Rating: 4 Stars
Pros: The Samurai; nice mini-figs
Cons: Ninja masks fall off way too easily
Contents: 26 pieces including 5 mini-figs
Price: $5.99
Reviewed: 12-Dec-2000
Reviewed by: Dustin Verburg

4805 Gintanta looked upon the Samurai Testsuo, and his companion Kousagi. His spot in the bushes was well concealed. A blue banner fluttered triumphantly in the breeze as the men marched. Gintanta would not rob them for the standard reason this day, no. He would rob them because he needed a present to give his mother on her birthday!
With the cloth from Tetsuo's flag and the cloth from his own, he could sew his mother a rather attractive neck warmer. He chuckled maniacally as he jumped from the bushes, flintlock pistol in hand. Two ninja followed him, katanas drawn.
"Surrender your flag, Samurai! It is my mother's birthday tomorrow!" Gintanta shouted.
Tetsuo sighed and shook his head. Bandits sure had a strange way of saying hello...

This set is a mini-figure pack in the classic sense. Lego has done well this time. Five figures are included: a Samurai, two ninja, and two soldiers in helmets. Three katanas, two firearms, and two lances are included.
The "bad guys" seem to consist of a grey ninja, a black ninja, and an evil-looking man wearing red and green. The ninja's masks have clips on the back to store their swords, which is a bonus. Unfortunately, the masks fall off very easily, which is my one complaint with this set. A brown lance is included to fly their red plastic banner.
The "good guys" consist of the Samurai himself and a friend wearing blue. The picture shows the Samurai armed with a musket... which doesn't seem right to me. So, I traded the sword and musket around between the two. The Samurai is the crowning glory of this set. He has blue and black traditional robes on. Over this, his armor can be put on. This armor looks even cooler than the classic breastplates, with its large shoulderpads. His helmet comes with a gold adornment.
This is a solid mini-figure set, which can easily stand alone or compliment other ninja sets. Four stars.

57 readers have rated this set as 4.175 out of 5 stars.
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