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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Rock Raiders : Hover Scout

[Purchase Online at KBkids.com] [Purchase Online at Amazon.com] 4910 - Hover Scout

Rating: 3 Stars
Pros: Good basic vehicle and equipment; nice mini-fig and equipment
Cons: Small size and lack of an air tank
Contents: 39 pieces including 1 mini-fig
Price: $3.99
Reviewed: 1-Dec-2000
Reviewed by: Dustin Verburg

4910 Lt. "Jets" Marshall's work-station computer refused to turn on as she repeatedly punched it. She was one of the military's top fighter pilots and she was assigned to these... miners. Nevertheless, she decided she would go back to camp and get one of them to fix her station.
She climbed atop her hover scout and kicked in the engines. The controls responded as if they were an extention of her own body. The rocky floor of the caverns passed beneath her in a blur... This is what she lived for.

For the most part, I think Rock Raiders are pretty lame. This model and one others (the figure pack) appealed to me for one reason: more space equipment. This model does not dissapoint in that area, for the price paid.
The focus of the package is the scout itself. It consists of headlights, tail-lights, two joysticks for steering and a place for the pilot to either sit or stand. Unfortunately, it is tough to make the pilot sit and grip the levers, but it looks much more sleek if done that way.
The second part of the set is a small computer/workstation. I rather like the turquoise computer elemet. Attatched to this with 1x1 yellow horizontal clips are: a radio, a pick-axe, a saw and a multi-piece light of some sort.
The mini-fig really steals the show here. She is dressed in blue pilot's gear with a grey Explorien helmet (an extra green visor is included). Binoculars come with her, as well as one of those translucent green crystals. Although I expected an air tank with a helmet like this, I guess it's excusable because none of the other Rock Raiders have them either. The head is quite nice... with blonde/white hair and an earpiece. She is second only to the Ice Planet female, in my opinion.
This is a bit simple, but it in inexpensive and a good way to find a few space elements, a cool mini-fig and an extra Explorien helmet.

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