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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Town : Pizza To Go

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6350 - Pizza To Go

Rating: 4 Stars
Pros: Many unique pieces here; not too expensive
Cons: Some day they'll discontinue this set
Contents: 142 pieces including 3 mini-figs and FIVE PIZZAS
Price: $14.99 - Discontinued
Reviewed: 8-Aug-1996
Reviewed by: Joseph Gonzalez

6350 Man has known many needs since the dawn of time. The necessity for shelter, the yearning for love, and the undying hunger for pizza! You can satisfy those primal urges with the Pizza To Go set! (Okay, two out of three ain't bad!) A sturdy roof, a chef who is dedicated to the art of making pizza, and a delivery van make sure this pie gets to you in the nick of time. Speaking of time, the chef is looking into a joint venture with those zany Time Cruisers to see to it that anyone in history (or in the future for that matter) gets the steaming hot, stretchy-cheese, yummy-topping creation they deserve. You may be ready to hassle a castle, pillage a village, or make the next jump through hyperspace, but these guys will get that pizza to you within 30 years or your pizza is free! (Gotta fix those #*!& time-continuum controls!)

I was bowled over when I saw this set. It is a must-have for any kind of collector and if you have not picked it up yet, shame on you!
The set consists of the pizza shack (I would have called it a hut, but we can't infringe on those copyrights, can we?), delivery truck, and three figures. Within the hut, you have a counter top for the chef to work on or to serve up pizzas, sink to satisfy the Health Department (no real room in this kitchen/booth for a sink so I guess the water just runs onto the floor and down a drain, you'll have to pay off the Health Inspector), and of course the oven in which to cook the luscious pies. (It's a double-decker oven so you can get lots cooking.) The delivery truck has just enough space for the driver to sit and a horizontal clip holds his cell phone. (The phone's large enough to be a World War II field phone, but who's complaining?) The back opens up (with 1x4x2 window frame and white shutters) to show two shelves to hold pizzas.
There are a lot of unique pieces that make this set very much worth buying: grey garbage can with lid, 1x2 faucet piece, clear mug (I would have liked a couple more of these), poofy chef hat and chef body print, white 2x2x2 round elevator/strut brick (used as a table here), large 5x8 slanted red roof piece (with a very gradual slant), four 3x3 corner-peaked roof bricks, one-piece 4x8 undercarriage for the car (with its own axle pegs), and of course five (count 'em...five) 2x2 yellow flats with pizza print. (I didn't mention the white disc with a red and green print that is used as an umbrella because I think the print looks dorky...but my dog might like it.)
You know you have to have some of those pizzas for the next time Arthur gathers the knights at the round table. What about the next time Colonel Shipshape gets his Explorien cadets pepped-up for their next death-defying mission? What can't pizza bribe someone to do? The set has already been around for a couple of years now (which means discontinuation looms somewhere ahead), so I strongly suggest you don't put it off any longer and acquire one today! (Tell Dad or Grandma the money is for a tonsil-transplant patient at school.)

43 readers have rated this set as 4.64 out of 5 stars.
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