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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Town : Super Cycle Center

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6426 - Super Cycle Center

Rating: 2 Stars
Pros: Chain; trashcan; 3 ATVs; the windows are nice and so are the two baseplates
Cons: All of the pre-built items; all of the pre-printed items; the car and truck; control booth has no door
Contents: 152 pieces including 4 mini-figs
Price: $29.99
Reviewed: 21-Jun-1998
Reviewed by: G. M.

6426 Robert McDonald had finally hit something big. After working for several years on an engine prototype that ran completely on liquid oxygen, he had discovered how to make one. Now, all he had to do was test it.
The garage that doubled as his lab was far out in the country away from people whom he could not trust. He knew his invention was safe there. His prized ATVs were also safe there. The one that he called "The Anarchy" had been fitted with the engine a day before. All he needed to do now was to fill up the tank with freezing liquid.
Robert sailed over bumpy backroads at an astonishing seventy miles per hour. "This is great!" he thought as he cleared out of the dirt trails and onto a main road. Not only was the ride exhilarating, but it would make him a multi-millionaire as well!

Town Jr. Ick. When I finally got this set in the mail and opened it, that was my first thought. I really didn't care for a lot of elements in this set. Some have grown on me, and others, well, I just plain don't like.
An example of those things I am not pleased with are all of the preprinted bricks! There are seven of them, leading to a lot a lot of bad alternate models that can only be used in the race theme.
Another complaint are all of the pre-built elements. The chassis of both the car and the truck are pre-made, all you have to do is stick wheels on them. The walls are also pre-built. They are 6x1x5 sections that require no skill to assemble whatsoever. But the set does have some redeeming qualities, like the windows and door and the inclusion of three three-wheeled ATV's.

The overall set is made up of two buildings: a sort of small garage or workshop and an announcer's booth or some other kind of control room. The two are each built on seperate baseplates with driveways on them and can freely be rearranged.
The first garage-type building includes a small inside workspace, and a carport. Inside the space is a blue workbench. That's it. The carport is made by having two 4x1x5 windows placed next to each other about eight studs away from the workshop. The "roof" is open and comprised of two new half hexagon arches. One is preprinted with tools and a picture of a white ATV. Inside of the carport is a dark grey chain (Whoopee!) that can hoist up an ATV so that the undercarriage can be worked on. This is my first and only chain and I am in love with it! Next to the port is a rare grey trashcan, a red fence, and a small rack that holds tools.
The control booth is the other building, but I don't see how it can be used since it has no door. Odd. The workshop has a door even though it only has two walls, but this building has no door and it is completely closed. I assume that the time the designers finished up this set for the 1998 line, it was December 31, 1997 at 11:59 pm. Inside of the doorless chamber is a small blue desk with an Octan computer console. There are also three grey chalices that helmets rest on. All helmets are decorated with a flame pattern and have trans light blue visors. One helmet is red, another blue, and the last is green. The bay window that is also included with the building is pretty spiffy as well. On the roof of the booth is a pre-printed brick with an ATV painted on. There is also an Octan and checkered flag. Two red fences and a bush adorn the lawn of the bulding.

The set contains five vehicles (but only four drivers), a transport truck with trailer, a stupid looking white car without a windshield, and the three ATV's: one red, one white, and one blue. A small four-wheeled cart is also included. The cart has a 2x3x2 cabinet capable of holding tools (or liquid oxygen.) The three ATV's are not as great as the regular motorcycles, but they are still okay. The are made of two pieces, allowing thwm to be steered, and have only eight studs to put things on. Motorcycles have ten studs. The ATV's are still very nice.
The stupid little car is composed of an astounding ten pieces and has no doors or a windshield. It also has two preprinted elements, a taillight brick, and a headlight brick. The truck also has no doors but at least it has a windscreen. It also has a storage area in back that can carry tools needed for repairs once it tows an ATV to the race track.
The trailer is made of a grey wing piece and can carry ove ATV at a time. However, if the truck turns ever so slightly, the ATV falls off of the trailer. (That's probably why the truck has a space for tools.)

This set is probably one you could live without. It has some good pieces, but some can only be used for racing models. The alternate models on the back of the box are an assembly line where some guys are putting together the ATV's, a race track, and something else equally dumb.
The mini-figs are also nothing special. One has suspenders, another has a black jacket, one has an Octan shirt, and the last has a blue "OIL" shirt.

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