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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Town : Race : Sail N' Fly Marina

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6543 - Sail N' Fly Marina

Rating: 3 Stars
Pros: It isn't a police or fire station; unique pieces; first of its kind in race sets; very good playability
Cons: The bar is too small; the crane is weak and needs help if it tries to lift the larger boats; no average citizens in the set (all 7 look like they work for the marina)
Contents: 694 pieces including 7 mini-figs
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 16-Jun-1998
Reviewed by: G. M.

6543 The grand opening of the Club de Lego had attracted many rich mini-figs from all across the reaches of Legoland. The club was designed to be a break for mini-figs tired of looking at all of the police and fire stations, Octan Corporation Stations, and ugly pink Paradisa resorts.
The first guests of the club were all standing on the deck near the bar where exotic drinks were being mixed, waiting for dueling speed boats to come into sight. When they finally did, and all heads were turned away, mysterious barrels of fuel appeared in the water. As the first boat came toward the home stretch of the club's first race it exploded in a white hot ball of fire, igniting the docks and torching the nearby dive shop.
The entire complex, in a wild frantic state of confusion, was non-chalantly being watched by an unshaven face lurking in the shadows...

The Sail N' Fly Marina could quite possibly be the break people have been looking for. I mean this in the sense that a lot of people have been wanting a large town-themed structure that is not a police or fire station, or an Octan building. (Well, there is Octan stuff in the set, but it doesn't overpower the main model.)

The marina consists of a small bar or cafe, a boating/dive shop, and a workshop. These buildings together create a very nice effect of a large town activity center. Also, there is a large utility crane and dry dock, two places to park speed boats, and a place for a sea plane. The vehicles that go into these "parking places" are very well-built and nice-looking. Aside from the vehicles that do have a place to be parked, the set also includes a small transport truck and another very small referee boat.

The first building is the larger of the two and houses the dive shop and bar. Its color scheme is done in mostly yellow and red. Inside the dive shop is a 1x2x2 sloped radar screen, an outboard motor, and a life vest. These items can be paid for at a small counter with a cool little phone brick. The counter also doubles as the bar. The bar is extremely small (the tender only has a 2x4 space to work), and crammed inside is a soda fountain, three clear mugs, and the phone mentioned above. The lack of space is one of the few things I am unhappy with about the set, but it doesn't matter too much.

Around the outside of the yellow building is a grey deck with a yellow and red rail. It has a single table with an umbrella and some steps leading to a lower section that has a lamp post with a green lightbulb. The second building is the red, white, and green Octan garage. Inside it has some weird blue instruments and work tables where a guy in black suspenders works on a large boat engine with welding equipment. To the right of this building is a rare dark grey trashcan. Both buildings rest on two 16x16x2 baseplates; one is flat, the other has a sloping driveway for the delivery truck. Both buildings also have some nice looking 4x6 windows.

The dry dock houses a huge red crane capable of lifting one of the speedboats. After the boat has been lifted out of the water, it rests on a lot of grey 1xX bricks where it can be worked on. The other docks are made of flat grey pieces and have black supports. On the end of the dock is a gas pump.

The five vehicles that come with this set are very nice. The truck is an Octan pickup truck that carries a 2x2x2 fuel container. The sea plane is black and red and has an interesting propellor housing (a red 4x2 cylinder.) One of the two large boats is red and white. The cockpit is very roomy and has a black chair. There are also two storage compartments, one of which houses the engine. The other boat is in Octan colors and has a smaller cockpit with a red chair. It only has one storage compartment. The small boat is nothing extraordinary, just the normal blue boat fuselage pieces and some white bricks and a checkered flag.

The marina also comes with seven mini-figs: a bartender with a black tuxedo, a guy with an Octan shirt, a person with black suspenders, one with just a plain black tanktop, the two racers have red and blue zipper jackets, and the plane pilot has a brown bomber jacket.

The alternate models on the box weren't too original but I myself have come up with some good ones (probably because of the vast amount of pieces). I would recommend this set to anyone who collects Town, especially the normal town stuff (non-police/fire sets). The model is very good and there are tons of new, interesting pieces.

26 readers have rated this set as 4.35 out of 5 stars.
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