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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Space : Space Cruiser

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 487 - Space Cruiser

Rating: 5 Stars
Pros: Great design; good pieces; cute forklift
Cons: None
Contents: 155 pieces including 2 mini-figs
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 7-Aug-1997
Reviewed by: William

487 The first expedition to planet Alpha-Lego II was on its way, with no problems so far. This scout fleet included only several Space Cruisers, with the standard crew of two officers; ranked commander and lieutenant. If the planet checked out for exploration and experiments, the cargo ships would arrive, carrying Rocket Launchers and many components which would to build Space Command Centers. Then, in only one year, the new Galaxy Explorers and Space Transports would arrive, along with Alpha-1 Rocket Bases, Mobile Tracking Stations, and Space Scooters. Soon, the entire galaxy would be colonized!

All of this progress and more...all pioneered by the first Spaceship ever: the Space Cruiser.

Throughout the many long years since 1978, there have been many Lego sets that have crossed my path. But even in 19 years, I believe that Space Cruiser is still the best set in history.
Its design is the stuff of legends, with the classic flat gray wing plain, blue cockpit above it, and yellow windshields and viewports. Like the other two sets in its class, 497/928-Galaxy Explorer and 918-Space Transport (Europe only), Space Cruiser is propelled by 2x2 to 2x4 tapering circular gray thruster bricks. The set also includes a small forklift for lifting a cargo box (which is also included).
In Space Cruisers' case, these propulsion devices are mounted on its cargo bay doors. This cargo area is just the right size to hold the cargo box, which the forkift carries and deposits with ease.
The cockpit (which comprises most of the craft's mass) is large enough to seat comfortably both of the two mini-figures featured in the set (one red, one white). As I received the set in May of 1997, I was very surprised to find that neither of the mini-figs had ridges inside of their torsos (my first mini-figs without). The figures apparently started having ridges inside of their torsos in 1979, to facilitate the more secure attachment of the legs.
The primary reason I believe this set is the best ever is its simplicity. Unlike the badly-designed, special-piece infested, ugly, fragmented and shapeless designs of today's spaceships (i.e. 6915 Warp Wing-Fighter), Space Cruiser includes many normal bricks, plates, and wings. Every piece in this set has been used in many different ways and in many different themes. Can that be said of the Warp Wing-Fighter?
Although it does have 7 preprinted pieces, most of these are fairly versatile. The blue 1x4 marked "LL-924" could be the serial number of many different craft (air, sea, or space). The blue 1x2 with an arrow pointing downward could also be used in many different ways. How many different ways can a preprinted UFO saucer be used?
Good pieces and a good variety of pieces, complemented by a really great design, makes Space Cruiser a 5-star set, through and through. Should you happen to see this set in a rec.toys.lego auction, buy it.

I think it is my duty to mention here the cool guy who sold me this set in the first place, Matt Agnew. A big, big thanks goes to him for helping me acquire this wondrous set.

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