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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Space : Space Police 2 : Sonar Security

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6852 - Sonar Security

Rating: 3 Stars
Pros: A great exploratory vehicle or attack fighter; a better selection of bricks
Cons: Trailer doesn't stand up alone; models seem incomplete when separated; colors are a bit nasty
Contents: 60 pieces including 1 mini-fig
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 16-Aug-1998
Reviewed by: G. M.

6852 A new headquarters for the Intergalactic Space Police was finally being constructed! After years of leading the galaxy in the crummy and decaying Iso XTN Station, a research facility was going to be built and used as the police headquarters.
Multiple patrol units and support ships carefully monitored every square millimeter of the building, making sure nothing went wrong. However, the patrol units lacked only one thing: a Richter Scale.
Within months of the ground breaking, a huge magnitude 12.1 earth quake shook the entire planet. The planet had been known for violent quakes like this one, but the last one recorded happened 872 years ago. The Space Police had suffered another outstanding loss for their force.

Every Space subtheme needs at least one good patrol vehicle, and if you are in need of one for the Space Police II theme, this is the set to pick up. I wasn't too crazy about the little eight wheeled vehicle at first, but some good points showed through after a while. Unlike most current vehicles, this one looks to be strictly a research vessel. Upon closer examination, the vehicle could have multiple purposes.

The vehicle seperates into two sections: a cab and a trailer. The cab is a small six wheeled vehicle which is quite roomy and has many nice features. The interior has an entirely black steering wheel for the lone officer to control with. A 2x6x1 trans green angled canopy covers him. The canopy was also used in some Town sets in light blue and in the Galatic Chief. Behind the cockpit is room to store a megaphone. Two black side mounted engine pieces could either add extra thrust or be weapons.
The trailer is a very poor design. It only has two wheels and it cannot stand up by itself. A small grey rocket or missile is mounted to the back. Two 2x2 translucent green radar dishes are mounted on the sides, giving the impression of just a normal satellite. If they are taken off, a warhead is left behind. The thing is great for either spying, research, or attacking.

The alternate models aren't too pretty, but there are plenty of plates and even a 2x4x1 brick to build alternate constructions with. The two sections combined make for a nice model, but when they are separated, it feels like something is missing.
This is a great little set to have patrolling a Space Police II compound, but sadly, there wasn't one. Oh well, that's what bricks and a little bit of thought are for.

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