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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Space : Space Police 2 : Rebel Hunter

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6897 - Rebel Hunter

Rating: 4 Stars
Pros: A great looking medium sized space ship; the computer; lots of interesting pieces; rival mini-figs; the jail mechanism
Cons: The colors are kind of ugly; the weird quarter spheres are strange if not dumb
Contents: 143 pieces including 2 mini-figs
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 7-Aug-1998
Reviewed by: G. M.

6897 Spyrian guerrilla attacks were finally coming to a halt. For years, cities on the mostly forested planet of Stavromula Beta had been ravaged by terrorist groups led by the Spyrian Division. Now, all of that was going on was coming to a stop. Intergalactic Space Police Section VI had been specially made for the task of wiping out the Spyrian threat. The new sector was exclusively trained in jungle warfare and hand to hand combat. The soldiers piloted ships that were perfectly camouflaged in the colors of green and black, unlike the the other sectors which bore the colors of red and blue. Even if Spyrians did manage to spot a bombardment ship, they would not know it was in fact the Space Police coming to destroy them once and for all.

The Rebel Hunter was one of three sets in the first wave of Space Police II. It is a very nice ship and has no match when it comes to the design. this set is an original and is nearly a five star set.

It is a medium sized space ship cabable of carrying two mini-figs. Well, really only one mini-fig sits inside the ship. The other is crammed inside of the small prison cell included. The colors, which I find rather ugly, are translucent green, black, and grey, with some red highlights.
The nose of the ship holds the cockpit. Inside is a Space Police II astronaut that controls with a very awesome looking 2x2x1 sloped computer brick. The screen shows a black and green wire frame image of a space ship and the surrounding landscape. This piece could also be used in other themes besides Space. It could be in a Town video arcade. On either side of the cockpit are small red antennae that look like laser guns of some sort. Behind and to either side of the cockpit are puzzling red and green quarter spheres. I have no idea what they are supposed to be, but they are found on all of the 1992 Space Police sets. The 1993 sets lacked them, but then again, they both were very small.
In the center of the ship is where the prison cell is stored. By a network of hinge pieces, the cell can be removed and/or dropped from the ship. It carries a Blacktron II prisoner or it could also carry some cargo bricks. Above the cargo/prison area are three Technic axles. I wondered what they were used for one day, so I built the ship without them. The ship was extremely wobbly and fell apart too easily. It also looked very stupid and clumsy. I now know the purpose. They hold the ship together and fill up awkward space.
The wings of the ship make it look like it could go faster than light. WAY faster. It has eight wings! Four of them are regular 7x4 wings and the other four are the small monorail track supports. The supports are attatched to "tube face" bricks and each has a black rocket engine attatched to it.

This is a very good set. It definately would be woth it to pick one up in an auction. There are tons of great pieces like eight wings, a translucent green helicopter canopy, the computer, and two mini-figs from rival subthemes.

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