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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Space : Ice Planet 2002 : Celestial Sled

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6834 - Celestial Sled

Rating: 4 Stars
Pros: Awesome design; cool removable sensor package; 4 large skis
Cons: Bright orange isn't too camouflage
Contents: 53 pieces including 1 mini-fig
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 20-Jun-1997
Reviewed by: Sam Siew

6834 Ice Commander Will Katana braced himself in the seat of his Celestial Sled. In any minute, the enormous double doors of the dropship would open, sending the sled headlong into the bone-gnawing cold of Ice Planet Krysto.
The first few seconds in the blinding snowstorm would be agony, even with the Vylon jacket Katana donned. But nothing could stop that now. The doors of the dropship swung open, and the Celestial Sled was catapulted into the blinding mass of white...

Good things come in small packages...and that is old saying is perfectly true when it comes to the Celestial Sled! This little set is just great!
It's one of the only ground vehicles in Lego history that doesn't have wheels, and that's such a great idea! It's a "V" shaped scout sled for use in the extreme cold. It has 4 long skis for maximum speed. The driver sits in the middle and has a 1X2 studless flat with a computer picture on it for a control panel. The back of the sled looks like a sensor package. The radar on it can raise and lower and the entire package can detach from the sled as a stationary sensor station.
The design of the sled is awesome, making it irrestible to speed through ice canyons and crevices (formed by the space between the sofa and the lounge table.) The wheelless idea is just so cool! The removable sensor package is also a fun feature.
I liked getting the 4 large skis, the black disc on the sensor package and the cool Ice Planet control panel. In my opinion, it looks the best of all 1X2 control panels. (Lego probably thought so too, they brought the panel back along with an M:Tron one in the 1997 Reef Refuge sub.)
Perhaps the poor driver might want a canopy to keep out the harsh cold, but it really spoils the "swoopability." (I tried putting a canopy on.)
This a really cool set, and I set it on my desk in my office. When my boss came in, he found me playing with it!!

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