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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Aquazone : Aquanauts : Crystal Crawler

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 6145 - Crystal Crawler

Rating: 4 Stars
Pros: Moveable propeller assembly; nice blue ocean floor plate
Cons: No crystals; no magnetic arm or crystal boxes
Contents: 92 pieces
Price: $11.99 - Discontinued
Reviewed: 08-Aug-1997
Reviewed by: Tim Courtney

6145 Sitting on the ocean floor, the Crystal Crawler stands poised to attack any Aquasharks who dare distrub the fleet of Sea Sprints that are gathering crystals from the patch. In case an Aquashark comes, he can quickly shoot upward with his multidirectional propellers and fire his harpoons. Also, the sub can grab crystals with it's grabber arms.

This set is also known as 1728.

This is one unique sub design. It's almost like a submarine/truck in the sense that it has wheels to move along the ocean floor. One Aquanaut pilots the sub, and he is equipped with flippers and knives. There are two grabber arms to gather crystals, and two harpoons for defense. Overall, this is a nice sub, and comes with a rare element, the 2x2x2 spring piece (also featured on the Blacktron II Spectral Starguider). It also includes seaweed and an ocean floor plate to move the sub on.

17 readers have rated this set as 4.265 out of 5 stars.
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