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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Space : Robo Force : Robo Raider

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 2151 - Robo Raider

Rating: 2 Stars
Pros: Walking robot design; removable head; interesting left arm
Cons: Terrible color scheme; not a great head design; transparent-orange pieces
Contents: 135 pieces including 1 mini-fig
Price: $11.99
Reviewed: 20-Dec-1996
Reviewed by: Patrick Delahanty

2151 The report came in from the L.S.S. Explorien just yesterday. An unknown craft was spotted on a remote planet. Space Fleet has decided to assign the newly designed Robo Raider to seek out and identify the U.F.O.
Although the Robo Raider isn't speedy, it handles nicely on rough terrain thanks to its legs. It is capable of maneuvering in some places where wheels just don't work. In order to compensate for the lack of speed, it is heavily shielded. It would take an incredible amount of force to penetrate its armor. However, if the odds are just too great, the head can separate from the body and speed off by itself.
Commander White is assigned to the Robo Raider's first mission. He's confident he can seek out and uncover the mystery on the distant planet. He'd better, the transport ship has arrived and there's no turning back now!

My biggest complaint about Ice Planet 2002 was that it had transparent orange pieces. Apparently this doesn't bother anyone at Lego. Those pieces are back and in full force. Not only is this set littered with those pieces, but the mini-fig's helmet is even made of the material! Strangely, the visor of this helmet is not transparent.
The mini-fig has a gray shirt, black tank, black pants, and red belt. His face is the same one with the red headband you'll find in Aquazone sets.
The robot has legs which "walk". If you move one back, the other moves forward. This is similar to the walking style which was used in the classic space "Alien Moon Stalker" and several others. In this set, the legs are a lot shorter...only about three bricks high.
In the center of the torso is a mailbox piece for storing whatever fits inside. The shoulders are made from black pieces which are also found on the Explorien Starship's radar dish.
The right arm has a claw which has been used on countless sets before. The left arm is very interesting. It has a rotating piece on the end which I've never seen before. On one end of that piece is an orange chainsaw. (What is this obcession Lego has with making chainsaws in transparent orange?) On the other end of the rotating piece is the innards of a jet engine piece. It makes a nice weapon.
The head can be separated from the body by taking it off of the rotating disc. On the back of the head are two discs which are used as thrusters. The control panel has a new Roboforce design printed on it. There are two control sticks for the figure to hold onto. The front of the head vaguely resembles a face.
I think there are just too many colors in this set. Black, gray, blue, and orange...I would have liked this set better if there was no orange in it. It's too distracting. Also, the robot doesn't have much of a stride...his legs are too short but his feet are enormous.
Usually I can spot specific things which are wrong with a set, but this one seems beyond hope. There are no modifications I can suggest to improve it. The best modification would be to scrap it and try an alternate model on the back.

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