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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Town : Race : Red Devil Racer

[Purchase Lego at Amazon.com] 1477 - Red Devil Racer

Rating: 1 Stars
Pros: There are enough bricks included to rebuild the car so that you are much happier with it.
Cons: The rocket engine isn't right for a small race car, the car is way too chunky to look fast, but hey, what do you expect from a value pack set?
Contents: 34 pieces including 1 mini-fig
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 31-Jul-1998
Reviewed by: G. M.

1477 Sally was feeling so good about finally winning the mens' Victory 450, she did something she rarely did: turned the volume on her custom fitted cassette deck all the way up to do a victory lap with her speakers blaring. The crowd jumped up and applauded when they saw a red streak blur past with the song "Whip It" spilling out from the driver's seat. The 80s truly were a great time for Sally. Today, she won the Victory 450, last year in 1985 she had been elected as MAYOR for her little town, and two years ago she would "please pull over to the side of the road and step out of the vehicle," yelled a police officer from seemingly out of nowhere. Suddenly, her race track faded away and became the middle of downtown with two police cruisers behind her.
"I see you've been disturbing the peace again?" yelled one officer as he reached in the window of Sally's car and turned off the deafening words being screamed by Devo.

This is the last small set that came in the 1976 value pack released in 1991. It is a small race car. By the looks of it, it is a Formula 1, but I could be wrong because its kind of stumpy and looks very bulky in back.
The front is made of a 2x3x1 slope with the number "3" printed in white. A small 1x4 plate in front with very little ground clearance gives it its Formula 1 look. The driver sits in a 2x2 area and steers with a steering wheel. What a novel concept! The back is built up by the use of multipe bricks and plates. A megolithic Space rocket engine is also attached to the back. This makes it look somewhat tacky but also very fast, even though when it is built it can never seem to outrun the Celestial Forager... Heh heh heh...
On top of the back is an adjustable spoiler made of some hinged plates and a 1x4 tile. A large and rather dumb-looking 1x2x1 white slope is also next to the spoiler, spoiling (No pun intended) the aerodynamic look to the car.
This set is poorly constructed and looks pretty bad but there are enough pieces included to save it from being something like a Town Jr. set. Don't, I repeat don't bother getting it in an auction unless you are a Town completist (is that possible?) or a Race completist.

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