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Lego Maniacs' Guide: Reviews: Castle : Battering Ram

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Rating: 5 Stars
Pros: Probably the best set ever produced by Lego in the Castle line, apart from perhaps the Guarded Inn. Great all-round styling, sophistication and playability.
Cons: None, except that you can't buy it anymore which is a great shame.
Contents: 233 pieces including 6 mini-figs
Price: Discontinued
Reviewed: 29-Jul-1998
Reviewed by: Matthew Chappell

6062 Prince Edward knew that it was only a matter of time before the kingdom of France, and along with it the monarchy, was going to fall. After all, there was only one insignificant fort left to penetrate and annex, then sweet, intoxicating victory would be his. The kingdom of England would soon become an Empire!
Gathering two trusted and sturdy men-at-arms, the Prince traveled to the province of Sauvignon, sentencing a poor group of levied peasants to trundle his newly acquired battering ram. In a matter of days Edward has set up camp and besieged the tiny French fort. Once the ram had been trundled into position, Edward's trusted guards began to smash the surprisingly sturdy door of the fort down. Philippe, Jacques and Pierre, the last bastions of French civilization (what, no back up? ) were not going down without a fight, however. Bravely hurling stones, pots of tar and anything else they could find (including Philippe's rotten duck l'orange), the defenders did their best to stave off attempts at penetration by the English dogs. Though they valiantly fought, the Frenchmen were no match for the gallant English prince, soon to be made king ... king of England and France!

This is one of the best Castle sets ever produced. The year 1987 (when this set was produced) saw the Golden Age of Castle reach its crescendo. Sets were relatively realistic, the shields looked fantastic and men were either of the Lion crest faction or the Eagle Crest faction. The 6062 Battering Ram and Defensive Wall is a successor to the 1984 set, 6061 Siege Tower. I felt that this set represented an evolutionary step upwards, displaying more style, flair and sophistication, as all sets did compared to their 1984 counterparts.
The Battering Ram and Defensive Wall comprises two parts, naturally. The battering ram (an enterprising piece of Lego engineering) is mainly black in colour with four wheels and a retractable rod set near the base of the model (the actual ramming piece). Two Lion crest shields are set on either side of the engine, near the crenellations (the walkway). Accompanying this set are three Lion crest knights including an archer, an axeman and a spearman, all complete with shields.
The Defensive Wall which could be used as a mini-castle on it's own, consists of four grey castle elements (including two with stone facing) and a two-story tower. There are hinges embedded in the wall so that you can establish a straight wall or you can bend it to any reasonable shape that you desire. And yep, you guessed it, there are three accompanying Eagle crest knights carrying identical weapons as their Lion crest counterparts.
There are lots of spears, flags and shields that come with the set. Although simple to build, the overall impression of the set is one of sophistication and great scope for playability and imagination.
Unusual pieces ... um, well, there are none really (not by today's standards) but the grey castle pieces are very rare these days, as well as the men and equipment that come with the set.
As for alternate models (which aren't terribly exciting) you can make a three-story tower and there is also a variation of a siege tower but they pale in significance when compared with the main model.

58 readers have rated this set as 4.145 out of 5 stars.
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