Due to popular demand, we have created a selection of graphics which people can use to link to ADEQUATE.com Lego Maniacs' Guide. To install them, just follow the instructions below:

Before using these images, you MUST read the instructions!


  1. Choose the graphic below you wish to install.
  2. Save the graphic on your computer.
    (Hold down the mouse button with Mac OS or right-click with Windows.)
  3. Upload the graphic to your web site.
  4. Copy the HTML code below the graphic and save it to your web page.

Here are the graphics you can select from:

[ADEQUATE.com Lego Maniacs' Search]
<A HREF="http://www.adequate.com/lego/"><IMG ALT="[ADEQUATE.com Lego Maniacs' Search]" SRC="SearchButton.gif" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0></A>

[This Site Listed in: ADEQUATE.com Lego Maniacs' Search]
<A HREF="http://www.adequate.com/lego/"><IMG ALT="[This Site Listed in: ADEQUATE.com Lego Maniacs' Search]" SRC="SearchBut.gif" WIDTH=96 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0></A>

[Hundreds of Lego web sites just one click away...]
<A HREF="http://www.adequate.com/lego/links/"><IMG ALT="[Hundreds of Lego web sites just one click away...]" SRC="LegoSearch.gif" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=40 BORDER=1></A>

[More reviews than any other Lego site]
<A HREF="http://www.adequate.com/lego/reviews/"><IMG ALT="[More reviews than any other Lego site]" SRC="ReviewAd.gif" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=40 BORDER=1></A>

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