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  • Castle Mystery Book - State-of-the-art computer graphics bring the Lego figures to life; puzzles, riddles, mazes, and quizzes teach children to follow complex instructions to improve their mental agility.
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  • Gold Robber Book - Exciting action adventures feature popular themes from Lego, one of the world's most popular toys. These maze books encourage children to use logic, help them to grasp abstract concepts, and solve more complex puzzles.
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  • Lego Crazy Action Contraptions - A nifty little book to get traditional Lego folks started thinking about how the bricks can be made into useful machines. A great plastic "coming of age book" for kids who like Lego playsets, but haven't started with Technic.
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  • Lego Creator: Official Activity Book - A complete exploration of the Lego Creator software, with step-by-step instructions, original blueprints and designs, and tie-ins to other complementary Lego products.
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  • Microserfs (Paperback Book) - Microserfs is about programmers who are searching for lives. A hilarious but frighteningly real look at geek life in the '90's, Coupland's book manifests a peculiar sense of how technology affects the human race and how it will continue to affect all of us.
    Recommended for adult Lego fans - NOT FOR KIDS!
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