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"I'm a civil. SHOOT ME!"

Crap! We're never going to find Waldo this way.
   -Tim L.

Surveyers plan out the next location for a Starbucks Cafe...

No you fool, you have to be HIDDEN to have a stake-out!
   -Tim L.

Oh, it says here that it has to be dark to look at the stars.
   -Tim L.

'Darn... Closed the blinds AGAIN!!"
   -Paul C.

Dr. Bakdr, proctologist realizes he ordered the wrong scope again.."
   -Paul C.

"She Canna' Lock on Captin'"
   -Paul C.

TOUCHDOWN! See, I told you we could watch the game from up here!

Darnit! The salesman said I could get the Internet on this thing!

Critics gave this movie two thumbs up because they had good popcorn. But the amazing thing was that it only got one star.

I am the surveyor worshipper. I worship you and your equipment!
   -Cheryl Blake

unfortunatley,Jack orderd the wrong sized tent poles

Behind the scenes of "The Amazing Colossal Man Weds the Amazing Colossal Woman."

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"How long do I have to stand here with my arms in the air?" "I feel ridiculous."
   -Pheer Phact0r

"Ok, and part A connects into part Q?"
   -Skookum Du

Frustration between two people reading "Sniper Rifles for Dummies"
   -Chaz Nytewing

And I say it's THIS big!
   -Amy Sherman

Move it this way or we'll never be able to peek into the sorority house!

That's right, you are supposed to keep reaching up if you step in quicksand. Now be quiet and let me read more about it in the camping manual...

No, I'm not doing the Wave with you. Oh alright, but just one more time!

"If holding him at gunpoint doesn't work, how am I ever going to get him to wear deodorant? My eyes are watering already."

All hail my super-ultra-mega telescope. FEAR my super-ultra-mega telescope.
   -Queenie Z

I wanted the tent errected over here you moron! What part of that don't you understand?

This is the grassy nole right???

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