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Mike constantly has the feeling that someone's stealing third.
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Always check for large robots before merging into traffic.
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The last minutes on the bridge of the Titanic...

Gypsy would constantly harass Mike about driving until he eventually built arms for her.
   -Tim L.

*click* ...and here we are vacationing on Neptune....

Gypsy had shouted "Aye aye, captain!" once too often. Mike faked right, then landed a smooth uppercut with the left. Gypsy wasn't able to say much but "Homina homina" after that.

"Oh no!,enemy ships get up there and blast them!!Oh ya you don't have any hands.....Slobber on them!!"

Slowly, slowly....Yes! I knew I could parallel park this ship!
   -Cheryl Blake

how can Mike stand being a friend to an air hose?

"What do you mean, the Hoover is getting more for this gig than me??!!!"

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